Good Morning from Starbucks, Yokosuka


Good morning!

It’s Friday morning here in Japan and I’m at Starbucks (free wi-fi) finally forcing myself to sit down for an hour to start my first blog. My coffee has settled to room temperature, and  there is a baby sporting a star-spangled jumpsuit staring at me in silence from its stroller a few feet away…thats the signal. Lets do this!

I’ve decided to start a blog for several reasons.  I will share a few with you now:

It’s new (for me).

Self explanatory.  Blogging is something I haven’t experienced yet so naturally I carry a little excitement and curiosity.  I understand that some (hopefully not all) of this will fade as I continue but for now the “newness” of blogging still has me intrigued.

Sometimes it is acceptable to wear sunglasses inside.

I’m technically prepared.

I have a laptop, a camera, and access to the internet. It makes sense to put them to use and build something productive.  

I expect that it will force me to become more transparent.

Ive been living in Japan for 3.5 years and I believe this will be an effective way to communicate what’s going on over here on a semi-regular basis. 

Instagram and Facebook compress/degrade media quality and customization is limited.

The media degradation on these two networks has proven to be an annoyance for me and I find that there is a strong relationship between how much I care about something and the extent to which I am able to exert my influence/impose my will upon it. This doesn’t necessarily apply to relationships or general human-human interaction so if I sound like a sociopath…Im not.

I’m bored.

Over the past few days as I was preparing to do this, I watched a few YouTube videos about starting a blog and at some point they all addressed the question of “why?”  with many of them making statements like “if you’re in this to make money you’re doing it for the wrong reason” or “if you’re looking to become internet famous you are going to be very disappointed…”  …though I think there is some something to be said about that, but at the end of the day, everyone has their own reasons for taking action and I think boredom absolutely plays a role sometimes getting people up and moving (or blogging). I can’t lie to myself about this.

Yes…their coffee is overpriced, but the free wi-fi makes up for it.

It might eventually help someone.

That is always a good reason.

I think I will enjoy the experience.

Probably the #1 reason.  If I thought otherwise then I wouldn’t do it.

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